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Giving Voice to Sibling Sexual Abuse

Jane Epstein | TEDxBocaRaton

As a survivor of Sibling Sexual Abuse (SSA), Jane Epstein spent years thinking she was alone. However, recent studies show sibling sexual abuse is the most common form of child sexual abuse, an epidemic enabled by silence. In this talk, Jane explains why we need to help survivors share their stories in order to build a community of people who can inspire new research, solutions, awareness, prevention, and support. She shares her story to help other survivors gain the courage to speak out, with the comfort of knowing they are not alone.


SSA involves a wide range of unwanted sexual behaviors between children, including siblings, step-siblings, cousins, and adolescents. When left hidden and unaddressed, SSA can have devastating lifelong effects on the survivor, the child who caused harm, and the parents. But there is hope. We can address this trauma with more awareness, and even better, we can prevent the abuse. #MeToo changed the world. #SiblingsToo will give SSA survivors the voice and support they deserve.


Explore this site, to learn more about Jane’s story, advocacy, and forthcoming memoir. Jane is co-founder of both and 5WAVES, an international advocacy group that offers information, support, and guidance about SSA at


If the talk moves you in any way, either because you have personal experience with SSA or because you feel it’s important that other people see it, click here to give a “like” and comment on the YouTube video, “Giving Sibling Sexual Abuse A Voice.”

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What People are Saying...

We were fortunate to have Jane as a speaker at this year’s TEDxBocaRaton! She gave an amazing TED Talk.”


“That line about; ‘it’s murky’ always stands out with me.” 


“…Jane did an AMAZING job! I remember saying to Mickey, the stage manager when she was done; ‘SHE NAILED IT!‘”

~Erik Mintz,
TEDxBocaRaton Organizer

Such an honor to work with Jane Epstein, and to see such an important and impactful talk come to life on the TEDxBocaRaton stage.


Looking forward to seeing the positive impact her and her work will have on so many lives!!”

~ Cindy Metzler,
TEDxBocaRaton Co-Organizer

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